Day 3: A cow, a crash and back to Hanoi

One of those caused the accident
One of those caused the accident

On the third day of our Vietnam Motorbike tour we got up at around 6 (thank you rooster for waking us up) and had pancakes for breakfast. I realised a slight drizzle. You wouldn’t call it rain (unless you live in a desert), but it was enough to make the ground wet and the rocks slippery. And I just realised that we have to go down the way we came up the day before….

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Day 2 (Part 1): No more shitroads!!!

Go, go, go Allison
Go, go, go Allison

I wasn’t sure which time zone Vietnamese roosters were operating on, but certainly it wasn’t the local time zone. Being woken up at 3:00am is just a bit too early for me. At 6:00 it was time to get up though: Shower, breakfast and saddle the bikes. It was 8:00am when we left Mai Chau where we spent Day 1. If we had known before how this day will turn out, we might’ve stayed in bed just a bit longer…. Continue reading “Day 2 (Part 1): No more shitroads!!!”

Parking in Hong Kong – Where shalt I park thou my lovely motorbike?

“Where the hell can I find parking in that city?”, that’s what everyone with an engine under his/her butt thinks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s a crowded and crammed place. And despite there being “only” around 300 000 registered cars in the city (which isn’t a lot given that almost 7 million live here), finding parking can be a nightmare if you’re not willing to pay a fortune for a few hours. Yes, there are countless parking opportunities if you want to shell out the dollars. But roadside parking – forget it. Unless you’re lucky enough to move around on two wheels….

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