How is Hong Kong like?

How is it living in Hong Kong? How is Hong Kong and Asia like?

I hear these questions often when I visit my friends in Europe. And I always tell them: Come and see yourself.

It’s very hard to describe life in Hong Kong (and Asia). It’s just so much different. Faster, bigger, more brutal but also more entertaining, mind-blowing, more fun.

I came across this video today and it just blew me away. That’s pretty much how I’d sum up Hong Kong….

Hong Kong is Home. from Javin Lau on Vimeo.

Hong Kong’s green lungs – Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail

Hong Kong's Green Lungs
Hong Kong’s Green Lungs

When thinking about “Hong Kong” huge skyscrapers, crammed streets, shopping malls, restaurants and outrageous real estate prices will come to mind. Bad air as well. But Hong Kong is more than just shopping and eating. If you want, you can find some of the most stunning green spots. Hiking for hours without meeting anyone is possible, especially if you go during the week.  Continue reading “Hong Kong’s green lungs – Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail”

Line up, spend your money – Asia’s love with brands

Linking up at Plada....
Linking up at Plada….

One thing quite hard to understand as an European in Asia is the attitude towards luxury brands. I’m from Germany, home of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, RIMOWA and other brands. But you haven’t really experienced what it means to “love brands” before coming to Hong Kong. Have you ever lined up to enter a Prada shop just to spend your money? No? Well, here you do….

Continue reading “Line up, spend your money – Asia’s love with brands”

Parking in Hong Kong – Where shalt I park thou my lovely motorbike?

“Where the hell can I find parking in that city?”, that’s what everyone with an engine under his/her butt thinks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s a crowded and crammed place. And despite there being “only” around 300 000 registered cars in the city (which isn’t a lot given that almost 7 million live here), finding parking can be a nightmare if you’re not willing to pay a fortune for a few hours. Yes, there are countless parking opportunities if you want to shell out the dollars. But roadside parking – forget it. Unless you’re lucky enough to move around on two wheels….

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