What’s App – and what’s the appernative?

What's App I’m sure you’ve heard about “What’s App”. If you haven’t, “What’s App” is an application available for smartphones such as the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and more. It allows you to send messages, similar to SMS, to friends who also use the same application. On the upside, it’s free of charge (you only need to pay for the internet traffic generated), on the downside it’s very insecure. But what are secure alternatives out there?

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ownCloud – the Dropbox alternative. Control your own data!


Mr Snowden’s revelations have confirmed that the “land of the free” has transformed itself into an Orwelian nightmare. So what to do? Don’t use IT and cloud computing anymore? Well, good luck. If you don’t rely on technology, good for you. But I don’t want to miss the convenience of IT services and cloud computing. So I was looking for an alternative for Dropbox, box.net or iDrive. And I found one. I’m proud to introduce ownCloud to you!

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Get your hands (or your algorithm) off my data!

Big Brother is Watching you

I’ve never posted about privacy or data protection. Having lived in Mainland China, I have first hand experience of internet censorship though. No Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, that’s really annoying. News sites such as the BBC or New York Times are frequently blocked, unless you go around the great firewall with a VPN.

Since I moved to Hong Kong, these problems disappeared. I can enjoy ultra-fast internet and use cloud services. But, given the “bad” Chinese, I used services based in the United States. Surely, the country which always holds up freedom of speech wouldn’t dare screwing around with my data. How we were all wrong…. Continue reading “Get your hands (or your algorithm) off my data!”

Motorbiking in China – should you dare?

I had this on my “motorbike” blog, but it’s also worth sharing here. Really hilarious!

Motorcycling in Hong Kong

If the universe is indeed indefinitely large, surely the human intelligence must also be indefinitely large or, alas, indefinitely small. A vailid proof of the latter hypothesis was provided by a motorist in China. The video below is hilarious. You might not be surprised to know that I haven’t used a motorbike in Mainland China before. For very good reasons as you can see…..

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Hong Kong’s dark skies….

Dark clouds over Hong Kong

Without a doubt, right now is not the right time to visit Hong Kong. From May all the way to July/August you’ll experience the infamous subtropical “rain season”. That means, the thermostat is going up towards 30C and stays between 28C and 34C – day and night. Throw in a bit of humidity (80% to 99%) and you end up with a “real feel” temperature of more than 40C. The moment you leave your hotel you’ll start sweating. And you start freezing once you enter one of the hundreds of shopping malls here – they cool is down to what must be 18C….

However, the rain season allows you to take some staggering photos of Hong Kong. Last Saturday, after my Chinese class, I walked around Tsim Sha Tsui, the southern Tip of the Kownloon peninsula that allows stunning views on Hong Kong’s business districts – Central, Admiralty and Wanchai.

The clouds were spectacular. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me to take photos. Nevertheless, they turned out pretty good….




How is Hong Kong like?

How is it living in Hong Kong? How is Hong Kong and Asia like?

I hear these questions often when I visit my friends in Europe. And I always tell them: Come and see yourself.

It’s very hard to describe life in Hong Kong (and Asia). It’s just so much different. Faster, bigger, more brutal but also more entertaining, mind-blowing, more fun.

I came across this video today and it just blew me away. That’s pretty much how I’d sum up Hong Kong….

Hong Kong is Home. from Javin Lau on Vimeo.

Hong Kong’s green lungs – Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail

Hong Kong's Green Lungs
Hong Kong’s Green Lungs

When thinking about “Hong Kong” huge skyscrapers, crammed streets, shopping malls, restaurants and outrageous real estate prices will come to mind. Bad air as well. But Hong Kong is more than just shopping and eating. If you want, you can find some of the most stunning green spots. Hiking for hours without meeting anyone is possible, especially if you go during the week.  Continue reading “Hong Kong’s green lungs – Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail”

Motorcycling in Hong Kong

Two weeks ago, my mate and I went on a 230km trip through Hong Kong. I was surprised we ended up riding 230km, considering that the maximum distance from one end of Hong Kong to the border is just around 50km. We started our trip very early on a Sunday morning…

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How to get cheated in Central Hong Kong – a beginners guide for long-term expats…

In my previous post about my motorcycle adventure in Vietnam I mentioned that I could’ve kicked myself for not buying a GoPro camera.
Well, now I bought one. And what an incredible nice toy it is. However, buying the little gadget turned out to be a textbook “rip-off the-the-stupid-guy-story”. I should’ve known better to be honest and blame myself for my foolishness….

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Line up, spend your money – Asia’s love with brands

Linking up at Plada....
Linking up at Plada….

One thing quite hard to understand as an European in Asia is the attitude towards luxury brands. I’m from Germany, home of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, RIMOWA and other brands. But you haven’t really experienced what it means to “love brands” before coming to Hong Kong. Have you ever lined up to enter a Prada shop just to spend your money? No? Well, here you do….

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