A farm in Hong Kong


Hong Kong. That is skyscrapers and the world of banking and finance. But wait. If you venture out to the New Territories there’s more than an urban, concrete jungle. There’s something called “nature” consisting of small lakes, trees, grass, blue sky and white clouds. And black clouds as there was a massive bush fire going on…. Continue reading “A farm in Hong Kong”

“Man” slapped by his girlfriend on the streets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong girl slapping boyfriend

I have to admit having see a lot of strange stuff but that tops it all.

Around two weeks ago, a woman was arrested in Hong Kong for slapping her boyfriend in public. It seems her boyfriend took another girl to his apartment…. Continue reading ““Man” slapped by his girlfriend on the streets of Hong Kong”

Get your ass kicked in Hechlingen

Motorcycling in Hong Kong


Where the hell is Hechlingen, you might think. And what does it have to do with motorbiking? For those of you, who love to go offroad (and if it’s just on a sidetrack), read on. If you’re a track and asphalt lover, this post isn’t for you.

In short, Hechlingen, is heaven for everyone who loves riding off-road.

Hechlingen is a small village in Bavaria, just 80km north of my hometown Augsburg. Previously an old quarry, the area (a whopping 26 hectares) was bought by BMW and transferred into a training ground for off-road motorcycle training.

And the training is nothing short of amazing! You thought you can ride a bike? Going to Hechlingen makes you re-think your abilities on two wheels.

In fact, riding off-road is totally different compared to normal street riding.

It starts with the riding position. While you sit on your motorbike when riding, off-road you’re…

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Encryption 101: How do I protect myself against nosy secret services….

EncryptionSo you read everything about the recent NSA scandal and ask yourself: How can I make sure my data is safe?

The answer: ENCRYPTION!

Only through strong encryption and strong passwords you can make sure you data is save from nosy secret services or hackers. And it’s actually quite easy as this series of posts will show you.  Continue reading “Encryption 101: How do I protect myself against nosy secret services….”

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