Angkor Wat – Heaven on Earth

“Heaven on Earth”, that’s how the Lonely Planet described Angkor Wat. European cathedrals are “nothing compared to Angkor Wat”. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of European cathedrals. Nice to look, but once you’ve seen one you’ve seen pretty much all of them. Unless you’re an architect or church-addict and can appreciate the fine details. I made a similar experience with temples in Asia. Nice to visit, but after a while you’ve seen them all.

So I was skeptical about Angkor Wat. Can it be that good as everyone says? Is it really “Heaven on Earth”?

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Tainan – The Ugly Duckling?

I went to visit our office in Taiwan last week. On Friday, I took the HSR train and went from Taichung down south to Taiwan’s oldest city – Tainan. The city has always been on my list of places to go since I first set foot on Taiwan three years ago. But somehow I was never able to make it down south. I was always stuck in Taipei. This time, though, I made it.

And boy was I in for a disappointment.

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Love nature – in a shopping mall

Hong Kong is THE place for eating and shopping. In fact, I don’t know a second place that has more restaurants and shopping malls on such a small space. For the latter, it’s not hard to find a reason. In a tropical climate with steaming heat  it’s just no fun walking through the streets. I much prefer a 20C, spotless clean shopping mall. I love Hong Kong’s nature, but not in a shopping mall. In the capitalist consumption temples I’m only longing for the newest gadgets and my Green Tea Skimmed Milk Latte. But yesterday was somewhat different…

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Saigon – Welcome to Food Paradise

Two weeks ago I went to a country which is, like China, Communist. At least on paper. If you’re walking along the street’s of Saigon, passing street vendors, LV shops and BMWs you will soon realize that Communism in Vietnam is all but limited to paper. I went to Vietnam expecting something similar to China, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. This country is amazing. And it’s a food lover’s paradise….  Continue reading “Saigon – Welcome to Food Paradise”

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