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This is Hong Kong… unfortunately….

I came across a video on YouTube yesterday (see below) that shows a different side of Hong Kong. A side you don’t realise if you stay in your expatriate circles or are just a tourist. But if you’ve lived in Hong Kong for a while and are familiar with the local culture you won’t be surprised. This video shows the other side of Hong Kong, a society which worships money, property and celebrities but isn’t much interested in other things in life…. Read More…


Hong Kong – Asia’s World City. But we don’t speak English….

Hong Kong brands itself as “Asia’s World City”. The rule of law, as well as English being an official language in the territory is often emphasised. Apparently, the Law Society of Hong Kong is facing difficulties communicating in the most common lingua franca.  Read More…

Giving birth in Hong Kong – private or public hospital?

The longer I live in Hong Kong the more I realise what a strange place it is.  People in Hong Kong adore brands and everything that claims to be Italian or French and are willing to spend shitloads of money on those products.

And, everything that claims to be “private” instead of “public” is better. Always! At least so people think. And giving birth is no exception. Or is it?

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Hong Kong’s air quality… a drama (but it shouldn’t be)

Air Quality

A lot has been written and talked about Hong Kong’s air quality problem. Reading the newest comments by Hong Kong’s undersecretary of environment I was totally flabbergasted. “This can’t be true” I told myself. But alas it it… Read More…

Culture Shock China! So what are the differences?

Noise level in a restaurant

Noise level in a restaurant

I recently came across some brilliant illustrations by designer Yang Liu. She has been living in Germany since 1990. When she moved over to Germany she was just 12 years. Old enough to have grown up with Chinese culture and young enough to absorb a new culture. So what are the differences between a Western and Eastern culture?

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Tai Po – am I becoming a local?

Tai Po Market

It has been quiet on this blog. My apologies for that. Around six weeks ago, my wife and I left our little village next to the border of China and moved closer to Hong Kong. We’re now living in Tai Po in the New Territories.  Read More…

Shenzhen in 1980

Few people outside China have heard of Shenzhen. And since Shenzhen, as we know it, is just 30 years old it might not be surprising. Still, Shenzhen is a city unique city in this world. I believe no other city other than Shenzhen has experienced such a rapid development! If you want to appreciate it, you need to compare photos of 1980 and today. 

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