The Eagle visits the Dragon – Angela in the Middle Kingdom


I came across this cartoon on Global Times, a Chinese Newspaper in English ( The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, together with the badly injured Euro kid is knocking at the gates of the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Forbidden City had been the center of Chinese politics for hundreds of years. Now, it is Zhongnanhai, just on the other side of the road.

This cartoon very nicely depicts the current situation. The rich, debt-ridden countries of Europe ask poor China for money. “Hold on”, you might think, “China’s poor and Europe’s rich? Isn’t it the other way round?”. Well, it really depends how you see it.


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Tiger Leaping Gorge – one place you shouldn’t miss

Sometimes you come across a landscape that is so stunningly beautiful you just stand there, speechless and in awe what Mother Nature is capable of. That’s the feeling you will have when seeing the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China’s Yunnan province for the fist time.

The gorge is one of the world deepest. Mountains up to 4500m stand majestically on either side. Continue reading “Tiger Leaping Gorge – one place you shouldn’t miss”

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