Back to Taiwan….

It’s been more than 1.5 years since we visited Taiwan. Time to come back, this time with the entire family including all nephews, nieces and in-laws. Total of 16 people. This time we didn’t go to the (for us) usual places such as Taipei or Taichung but to Yalin, a city in the north-east of the island. I’ve been to Taiwan many times but never to the east coast, which is far more laid-back and remote compared to the urbanised west-coast.

I already wrote about it here, I’m fascinated with the attention to service in this little island when it comes to children. Not only does every toilet (even the man’s toilet) got a diaper changing station installed, there are additional special nursery and care rooms with everything you need from spare diapers, wet tissues, creams, etc. If you don’t have children, you’ll ask yourself what I’m all on about. However, if you every had the experience of trying to find a place to change your two year old son who just loaded u; his diaper, you know what I’m talking about….

We arrived a bit too late due to flight delays and a more than one hour wait at immigration and boarded our van to Yalin, just a one hour ride away.

Our fist and only stop (due to time constraints) was at the “Brick Museum”. Bricks in this context aren’t red stone bricks to build houses but Lego bricks. Calling it a “museum” is also exaggerated, the exhibits are limited to around 50 to 100. It’s great fun for children though, as the exhibits are fund and it includes a DIY session at the end. At NTD 200 per person it’s a reasonable entrance fee, but if you’re pressed for time this should be last on your list.

What I was most excited about is a chess board Lego set I found in the souvenir shop. Just at a price of USD 190 it isn’t really worth it.

Below a few photos of the brick museum. I will post about more locations in the next few days.


About Basti

I've been living and working for eleven years in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong). I'm working in the field of Product Design / Product Consulting and Manufacturing for accessories and wearable devices. My passions are travelling (especially China and Asia) and I used to ride a motorbike. Now, with two children, my hobbies switched to changing diapers, cleaning and feeding babies.

One response to “Back to Taiwan….”

  1. beowulf222 says :

    Great to see you posting. You should blog more about life in HK. All the best for 2018.

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