Old Shanghai – an exhibition you shouldn’t miss

If you’re living in Shanghai or happen to visit the city anytime, don’t miss out on the “Old Shanghai” exhibition on display in the “Shanghai Urban Planning and Exhibition Centre” at People’s Square. I’m not a culture vulture myself, but I was really impressed by the paintings of Hè You Zhí (贺友直).

Mr. Hè managed to paint 50 or so paintings within a few months, after being asked to describe the old Shanghai of his youth. He was born in 1922, i.e. he’s 92 now. When he started on the paintings he was 90. I truly consider this a remarkable achievement.

Below’s slideshow shows some of the paintings on display. You can also purchase books and I recommend you doing so.

The Urban Planning and Exhibition is located right at People’s Square metro station (Line 1 and 2). Entrance fee is RMB 30 but it’s worth it!

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