How to copy an iPad….

iPad CopierNo, I’m not referring to how to make a cheap iPad tablet knock-off. If you’re interested in cheap, low-quality iPads you can buy those in the computer centres all over Hong Kong.

I’m referring how to copy an iPad – with a copier…“WTF??!!!” might be the first words entering your brain .

I had similar thoughts when I  heard about this idea. From my mum.

Imagine the weekly Sunday call to your parents and the following conversation:

MUM: I made the IT guy at work freak out…
ME: What did you do?
MUM: I read an interesting article in the newspaper on the iPad. So I decided to share it.
ME: Yeah, so what?
MUM: I put the iPad on the copy machine and copied it. I then shared the copied paper with my colleague….

I was first dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Speechless. What on earth…..?

Then I burst out laughing.

What a stupid idea…

But is it really stupid? Or brilliant?

After I stopped laughing I explained my mum how to do a screenshot on the iPad. Press the home button and the sleep/power button at the same time. Retrieve the image from your camera roll and upload it to ownCloud or just send it via email.

But then I realized that she was at work. Her iPad isn’t connected to the WiFi at work (I doubt there is even a WiFi) and she doesn’t have a 3G connection on the iPad. So actually, she can’t share the article electronically.

If she really just wants to pass it to a colleague, she will have to hand over her iPad. Or type it. Or just copy it with a copier.

“But”, you might say, “you can’t copy from a screen, that’s impossible”.

That’s what I thought as well. But I was proven wrong. It worked. And as it was only printed text, the quality was good enough to read it.

So looking back I have to admit: Good job mum! Brilliant idea! I’m proud of you!


About Basti

I've been living and working for eleven years in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong). I'm working in the field of Product Design / Product Consulting and Manufacturing for accessories and wearable devices. My passions are travelling (especially China and Asia) and I used to ride a motorbike. Now, with two children, my hobbies switched to changing diapers, cleaning and feeding babies.

One response to “How to copy an iPad….”

  1. Anita says :

    This is totally what I needed. I was afraid I’d hurt the iPad

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