A farm in Hong Kong


Hong Kong. That is skyscrapers and the world of banking and finance. But wait. If you venture out to the New Territories there’s more than an urban, concrete jungle. There’s something called “nature” consisting of small lakes, trees, grass, blue sky and white clouds. And black clouds as there was a massive bush fire going on….

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Hong Kong’s area is in fact nature. More than 60% of Hong Kong are protected Nature Parks and not the concrete jungle everyone has in mind.

Last weekend, my wife took me to a cooking class she found on MeetUp. “How to make your own sausages”, sounded pretty interesting. So we had to try it out. The event was held on a farm in the New Territories near “Kam Sheung Road” station.

Kai Sham Road station is located in the west of Hong Kong’s New Territories. By metro it will take you 25 minutes to reach the urban jungle of Tsim Sha Tsui or just about 45 minutes to reach Hong Kong’s Central District.

And a 10 minute walk through the parking lot, crossing the street and under a tunnel will enter an entirely new world. A world that will shatter all perception you have of Hong Kong.

Nature! Trees! Green grass, animals, organic farms. Epic!

You might think “what’s the big deal”. A bunch of trees and animals. So what?

But let me tell you, if you’re living in a concrete jungle like Hong Kong’s, then having the option to experience proper nature is just marvellous.

The only downside was a huge wildfire that went havoc on the other side of the mountain. I took some photos that you can see in the slide show below. For some reason, the local firefighters didn’t care and just let it burn down. I neither saw any fire brigade nor did I hear any helicopters.

It didn’t interfere with our sausage making activities though (I will blog about this in the next days). Only our clothes quite a few black stains….

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