“Man” slapped by his girlfriend on the streets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong girl slapping boyfriend

I have to admit having see a lot of strange stuff but that tops it all.

Around two weeks ago, a woman was arrested in Hong Kong for slapping her boyfriend in public. It seems her boyfriend took another girl to his apartment….

His girlfriend wasn’t very impressed as can be seen in the video below.

English subtitles are available, but it’s more interesting if you understand a bit of Cantonese.

The incident was even reported in the local English speaking media. The South China Morning Post ran the story here.

You might ask yourself why the “man” is kneeling and crying like a baby. I’m also puzzled and can’t shed light on the peculiar fact. Rumours around Hong Kong’s netizen say he is “eating soft rice”, a Chinese proverb that means a man living on the expense of his wife / girlfriend.

If that is true, his devastation is only understandable if the alternative, finding a job, isn’t available.

But Hong Kong has plenty of jobs and the unemployment rate is negligible.

So maybe he’s just a wimp…

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