Parking in Hong Kong – Where shalt I park thou my lovely motorbike?

“Where the hell can I find parking in that city?”, that’s what everyone with an engine under his/her butt thinks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s a crowded and crammed place. And despite there being “only” around 300 000 registered cars in the city (which isn’t a lot given that almost 7 million live here), finding parking can be a nightmare if you’re not willing to pay a fortune for a few hours. Yes, there are countless parking opportunities if you want to shell out the dollars. But roadside parking – forget it. Unless you’re lucky enough to move around on two wheels….

Not known to many, there are in fact hundreds of motorcycle parking spaces on Hong Kong’s roads. These  roadside parking spaces are anything between 4 or 5 up to 40 or 50. And these are “official” slots. You can also have 40 bikes on an area designated for 30.

The Hong Kong transport department has a list of available roadside parking on their website Unfortunately it is only available as an Excel file. If you’re not familiar with every single one of Hong Kong’s roads it’s not too much use.

Ideally you would have one map where all parking is outlined. As there’s nothing out there I decided to change that. I copied and pasted a few hundred addresses in Google Maps. Yes, I know there’s an API somewhere out there but I couldn’t be bothered investing two days of time what can be done in two hours via copy and pasting.

Unfortunately the Transport Department didn’t provide street numbers. Sometimes the intersection between two streets was provided, but mostly it’s just the road name. That’s fine if the street we’re talking about is 500m, but for some streets you might end up driving quite a bit before finding your desired parking.

So if you’re out on two wheels in Hong Kong, please help me to improve this map. Drop me a line if you realize the location on the maps isn’t accurate and I’ll change it.

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