The best Chinese tool for your iPhone / Android – Pleco

“How do you learn Chinese? How do you manage all these strange characters?” is a question I frequently encounter, especially when talking to friends in Europe who haven’t made it to Asia.

Well, it’s very simple. You learn it. Just memorize it, like you used to do with your English or French vocabulary at school.

However, Chinese is a lot more challenging due to the characters. How do you look up characters in a dictionary for example? This used to be very difficult as there are many ways of ordering characters. But know there is help  – technology!

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Love nature – in a shopping mall

Hong Kong is THE place for eating and shopping. In fact, I don’t know a second place that has more restaurants and shopping malls on such a small space. For the latter, it’s not hard to find a reason. In a tropical climate with steaming heat  it’s just no fun walking through the streets. I much prefer a 20C, spotless clean shopping mall. I love Hong Kong’s nature, but not in a shopping mall. In the capitalist consumption temples I’m only longing for the newest gadgets and my Green Tea Skimmed Milk Latte. But yesterday was somewhat different…

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