Inside Apple’s factory – a visit to Foxconn

Few people in the Western world have heard of Foxconn. The Taiwanese company is where most of iPhones and iPads are being assembled. Foxconn made headlines about a year ago when some of the workers committed suicide. Now. a TV crew from ABC news visited Foxconn for the first time.

Foxconn is a massive place. Around 300 000 people live and work at the factory in Shenzhen alone. And they make around 11 RMB per hour. Given a eight hour work day and 40 hours week (most people work longer though), they might make around 2000 RMB per month. That’s just around USD 320. Doesn’t sound much, but in China it can be quite a lot, especially if you’re coming from a poor village in rural China.

I strongly recommend to watch the video. It can only be viewed in the US though. If you want to watch it from outside China you need a VPN or a proxy server based in the U.S. Here is the link:


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