American Business English

Marcus, who taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong while I was a student there, posted about American English. It’s a short one but brilliant.

When I learned English as a second language, I though American English is just about speaking it louder, more assertive and with a blocked nose. Later I read a lot of American literature, and revised my opinion, as I liked it a lot. But now I am again more exposed to American English in a business environment and I find it kind of – you know. Don’t know what you guys think, but I feel gosh, wow, really? Awesome! Can you send me the duck you meant? Which duck? Ah, doc-u-ment. Whatever. What’s up?


About Basti

I've been living and working for eleven years in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong). I'm working in the field of Product Design / Product Consulting and Manufacturing for accessories and wearable devices. My passions are travelling (especially China and Asia) and I used to ride a motorbike. Now, with two children, my hobbies switched to changing diapers, cleaning and feeding babies.

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