China’s best burger

I’m a huge fan of Chinese food. I love all kind of dumplings, rice and noodles. Particularly I’m fond of Cantonese Dim Sum and Sichuan cuisine which is very spicy. But sometimes I just crave for Western food. Bread, salad and nice burgers. On my last holiday I came across one of the best burgers I had in China so far – in Lijiang.

Food in Lijiang is so-so. The majority of restaurant clients are tourists and will only eat there once. As such restaurants don’t have a huge incentive in providing quality food. But there is one exception. A western run pub – New Amsterdam – relies on returning western customers. As such, food, drinks and service are fantastic.

I enjoyed good drinks, cheap beer (just 10RMB per bottle) and an amazing burger. This burger succeeded in a very difficult task – filling me up! It doesn’t come with any crappy sauce, just good meat, two nice patties and fresh vegetables. Mushrooms and bacon complete the culinary experience.

If you happen to visit Lijiang make sure to stop by New Amsterdam. Jacques, the owner, has been living in Lijiang for five years and is a great source of information. New Amsterdam is just a five minute walk from the water wheel. Here’s the address and how to get there:

New Amsterdam – 小荷兰 酒吧; Xiǎo Hélán Jiǔbā; 44 Block C, Yuhe Corridor

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