When will China overtake the U.S.?

Without a doubt, China will be the world power in the 21st century. With 1.1. billion consumers it is only a matter of time until it will surpass the U.S. as the biggest economy before she will be surpassed by India, sometime in the second part of the 21st century.

The Economist published a nice interactive feature here. Simply pop in expected annual GDP growth, inflation and RMB appreciation and it’ll tell you when China will surpass the United Stages. So far it looks like in six to eight years from now China will be the biggest economy on earth.

Maybe I should go back to studying my Chinese characters….

2 thoughts on “When will China overtake the U.S.?

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  1. The date where China’s economy overtakes the US is constantly changing. Lately it’s been revised significantly later that first predicted due to China’s economic slowdown. Growth dropped from 10% to 8%. Assuming no disasters strike (like the ominous housing bubble which already partially popped in Beijing) then it’ll happen within 20-30 years or later if the US economy picks up some steam and gets back to normal. But there’s really no telling with these kinds of things.

    1. In the 1980s everyone thought Japan will overtake the U.S. anytime. Look where it’s now. I don’t think that China will follow the same course, just its population will assure it’ll be on pole position sooner or later. But I’m doubtful about all the “China maniacs” out there predicting America’s demise and China’s rise. The U.S. isn’t dead yet and it will recover.

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