Hong Kong’s other side

Hong Kong is equivalent to skyscrapers, busy streets, millions of people and abundance of noise. At least that’s what everyone thinks.

Most people are surprised when faced with the fact that more than 50% of Hong Kong’s territory is nature. Rain forest.

Hong Kong’s other side offers an abundance of beautiful spots. Hiking, cycling, diving (let’s not mention the water quality though).

Just a week ago I went hiking from Sai Kung to Clear Water Bay. The hike is quite an easy one, more like a walk in the park, and offers breathtaking views.

The last mountain is a bit steep but you can manage in 30minutes. A mini bus will bring you back to an MTR station from where you can catch a bus to Sai Kung to enjoy delicious seafood.


About Basti

I've been living and working for eleven years in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong). I'm working in the field of Product Design / Product Consulting and Manufacturing for accessories and wearable devices. My passions are travelling (especially China and Asia) and I used to ride a motorbike. Now, with two children, my hobbies switched to changing diapers, cleaning and feeding babies.

2 responses to “Hong Kong’s other side”

  1. Sonja says :

    Stunning view!

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